How does BlueHub work?

BlueHub has been designed to connect you with the professional help you need, sooner. Many police and PSO members experience trauma-related mental health difficulties, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but don’t seek treatment.

This could be because they don’t recognise their symptoms, don’t know what treatments are available or because of stigma. There are effective treatments that work. Seeking professional support early helps to reduce the risk of long-term impacts.

The benefits of BlueHub

Unlike other programs, BlueHub has been designed to reduce obstacles you may have experienced previously by providing:

  • independent and timely assessment and treatment
  • streamlined and evidence-based solutions
  • delivery by clinicians who understand the unique needs of police.

BlueHub, through association with Phoenix Australia, provides tailored training and ongoing support for BlueHub clinicians. They are familiar with police culture, treating police and PSO members and provide best-practice methods for assessment and treatment of trauma.

Do I need BlueHub?

As a police or PSO member, you deal with emotionally tough situations, including traumatic events.
There are many common reactions to trauma. If the following symptoms persist, you may benefit from contacting BlueHub.

You have thoughts about self-harm, suicide or harming others
Feeling irritable or ‘on edge’, overwhelmed, fearful, sad or angry
Difficulty with attention, concentration, and making plans
Having sleeping problems or bad dreams
Withdrawn and feeling detached from others or feel a loss of sense of purpose
Increased reckless behaviour or use of drugs, alcohol or medication
Reliving a traumatic event
Avoiding reminders of a traumatic event
You don’t seem your usual self and feel wound up
Having negative thoughts and feelings

Wayne Gatt
Secretary of The Police Association Victoria

A message from

Wayne Gatt


The Police Association, with its partners The Australian Federal Police Association, Victoria Police and the AFP have joined forces to help get this initiative off the ground and to ensure that BlueHub meets the mental health needs of our collective members, an issue so common in our profession. BlueHub is a new initiative to support the ongoing health and wellbeing of our members, who have struggled to find policing-appropriate and timely mental health support when they need it most. BlueHub aims to change that by bringing the best clinical support for police to police in a way that is easy to access.

Wayne Gatt
Secretary of The Police Association Victoria

Don’t wait until you break

It’s okay to ask for help if you’re not feeling yourself. In fact, talking about trauma is the best way to start leaving it behind and moving on. Talking to our expert trauma clinicians will help you to recover sooner, or re-enter life feeling stronger.

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Handy resources

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Simply submit the form below, and we’ll contact you back (during business hours) within two business days. Due to a surge in demand for psychological services across a number of industries and a shortage of available clinicians, BlueHub is currently experiencing increased wait times to access a clinician.  BlueHub are working hard to remedy this situation however it is an industry wide challenge at present.

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    What’s next?

    Once submitted, an intake clinician will assess what sort of support you need and refer you to a BlueHub psychologist for more in-depth assessment and treatment, if appropriate. Or they could suggest alternative services that may better suit your current treatment needs.

    Our aim is for you to have an assessment and to start tailored treatment following your assessment and treatment planning.

    Due to a surge in demand for psychological services across a number of industries and a shortage of available clinicians, BlueHub is currently experiencing increased wait times to access a clinician however continue to provide specialist trauma treatment.

    If you are in need to urgent assistance, please call 000 or Lifeline Australia on 13 11 44.